Employee Happiness & Engagement: Burlington Public Library & Fraser Valley Regional Library

This report was prepared by Kimberly Silk for the Canadian Urban Libraries Council / Conseil des bibliothèques urbaines du Canada – December 2017

Executive Summary

This study was commissioned by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) in spring 2015 as one a series of three research studies. This study explores the conditions for promoting employee engagement in a library setting.

Key Findings

  • Employee happiness and satisfaction is not the same as employee engagement. Happier workers may benefit an organization, but the real goal of employee engagement is improved business outcomes. Engaged employees contribute to the economic health of their organization in ways that other employees do not.
  • Employees want to be engaged in and challenged by their work, feel they are moving up in the organization, and that their hard work is recognized and rewarded.
  • Employees want their co-workers to be competent and properly trained, so they can rely on each other to perform their duties.
  • Engaged employees speak positively about the organization to co-workers, potential employees and customers.
  • Engaged employees have an intense sense of belonging and desire to be part of the organization.
  • Engaged employees are motivated and exert effort toward success in their job and for the organization.
  • In Canada, the dimensions that are most effective for driving employee engagement are:
    • Rewards and RecognitionEmployee Value PropositionEnabling InfrastructureCareer Opportunities

Read the full report: CULC/CBUC Employee Happiness Report

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