Burlington Public Library creates over $57 million in total economic impact to the City of Burlington

Burlington Public Library recently published the results of it’s economic impact study. Here are the top-line results:

In 2015, Burlington Public Library created over $57 million in total economic impact to the City of Burlington.

That’s a solid return on investment of 464 per cent.

The findings show that Burlington Public Library clearly contributes to the quality of life of Canada’s #1 ranked medium-sized city.

In 2015, you gave…

  • Burlington residents invested $57.20 in per capita tax support towards the Library’s annual operating budget.

In 2015, you got…

  • For every tax dollar invested in the Library by the City in 2015, the community received $5.64 of economic impact.

That’s an economic value of $308 for every resident and $1,057 for every household. Add to this all the money you’re not having to spend on bestselling books, blockbuster movies, and popular magazines, that you can spend in other ways.

Access: Building Burlington’s Prosperity: The Economic Impact of Burlington Public Library

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