What is the Library Research Network?

The Library Research Network (LRN) is a non-profit, curated repository of research relevant to public, academic, government and special libraries. The purpose of the LRN is to bring together library practitioners and applied research to support life-long learning for those in the library and information professions.  

How Do I Access the Research?

Access to the LRN repository is completely open and free. Links to the research are provided in the posts. Note that some research resides in commercial journals that restrict access to subscribers. 

Can I Sign Up for Updates?

Yes! You simply add your name to our email list by filling out the form on the right side –> of this page, or subscribe to our RSS feed to receive an email when new content is posted to LRN.

Who Created the LRN?

The Library Research Network is a non-profit initiative produced and maintained by Kimberly Silk at Brightsail Research

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