What is the Library Research Network?

The Library Research Network (LRN) is an open, curated repository of scholarly and applied research relevant to public, academic, government and special libraries. The purpose of the LRN is to bring this research to people working in libraries and information centres to inform planning, support advocacy, and communicate impact.

The LRN is managed by Kimberly Silk at Brightsail Research

How do I access the research?

Access to posts on the LRN site is open to all. Links to the original research articles are provided in the posts. In some cases, the original article may reside in a restricted journal accessible only to subscribers. 

Can I subscribe to LRN updates?

Yes! Fill out the subscription form to receive an email when new content is posted to LRN.

I don’t want to subscribe, I just want to contact you.

There’s a form for that, too: